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Hand-forged and welded coffee table without corners, aluminium and zebrawood
Freeform LED pendant light
Freeform LED pendant light, warm pressed and grained / polished.
Stainless steel floor lamp
stainless steel floor lamp, sheet metal welded, 100 W spherical mirror bulb, dimmable
Satined stainless steel with foam like insertions. The texture consists of a special plastic material with micro particles.
LED drop-light corroded steel, minimalistic straight bar, height-adjustable electricity-conducting cables, dimmable, surface varnished
bar stool
Steel, aluminium bar stool, freehand cut, heat-bent, manually bent
Steel coatrack
Steel coatrack, heat-bent, welded, surface varnished
Sideboard metal
Sideboard made of corroded steel and stainless steel, fold-out compartment with LED light