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SCHOTTDORF & MAYR is a forge where modern and independent design is created by means of a thousands-of-years old tradition and smart modern engineering. Forging still requires fire, heat and embers and it still means hard work, sweat and dirty hands. But at SCHOTTDORF & MAYR, vintage materials, unusual working materials and reinterpreted techniques are combined with classical iron and traditional expertise. This is how we create truly innovative metal design and produce unique objects for unique people.


Schottdorf Schottdorf

Rudolf Schottdorf, master blacksmith, born 1981, educated at Plymouth College of Art and Design, England, and other workshops in Germany, England and Portugal. German Meistersch├╝ler.
Andreas Mayr, Diplom Ingenieur (Master of Engineering), born 1979, educated at Technical University Munich and University of Melbourne, Australia.