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CNC Milling Machine

A passion for metal crafts A passion for metal crafts

SCHOTTDORF & combines traditional techniques with exciting new method. For every single work, we properly balance the pros and cons of employing machines or real handwork. Because taking into account the individual qualities of the various materials is central to creating beautiful and high quality products.

The technique always follows the idea.

Manufacturing techniques in the metal area

  • Forges - both manually and mechanically,
  • Hydraulic press (60 tons)
  • Plasma cutting table (1200 x 1200 mm - maximum 20 mm sheet metal) for precision and speed,
  • TIG welding and impulse,
  • CNC MAHO milling machine (3 Axis - 600 x 300 x 300 mm),
  • VDF lathe machine (max. 400 mm diameter) and many other techniques - e.g. for chipping, combining or separating metal.

In a simple but artful way, amazing crafts are formed: be it as custom-made items or as exclusive small series.

Activities in metal design

  • Interior decoration: Furniture, barstools, coatracks, desks
  • Exterior decoration: Gates, wells, stairs, fire bowls
  • Accessories: Bowls, glowers, lamps, brewbars
  • Sculptures: manufactured according to our or your own sketches

No matter what idea you may have, or which material you have in mind, be it for interior or exterior decoration, big or small - SCHOTTDORF & MAYR meets your wishes. Do not hesitate to call us or send us an e-Mail.