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CAD design & rendering

The enchantment of metal The enchantment of metal

Design & Metal Creation

SCHOTTDORF & MAYR is committed to good design. Period. Inspired by nature, art and various materials, it is not enough for us just to draft ideas on paper - for each single project, we choose a raw material and an appropriate technique to achieve the best possible result. We work with the material, not against it. And this is how we create works with a truly unique character.

Concept & Idea

We do not only draft our ideas classically on paper: Modern techniques such as 3D design and CAD turn our ideas into vivid pictures and ensure that our works are lively pieces of art which catch your eye.

Consulting, planning & design support

We advise you for your job in the best possible and most economical way. With many years of project management experience and using current 3D design software and CAD tools, we support you in your work. Rendering, assembly design and design calculations as well as the selection of electronics or controls is just an example of the possibitities.